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Vitamin B17 Eating Habits

Our diets have cultivated many changes for civilization as we know it today leaving out an essential substance known as vitamin b17. Our ancient ancestors consumed crucial nutrients that we no longer have access to with our modern food source.
What makes me passionate are my own personal experiences with modern chronic disease. Desperation to educate myself to good health has sent me toward the direction of what changes have brought on new epidemics we face today. Did our caveman consume better and healthier diets that we have at our disposal today?

Why Our Bodies Need Vitamin B-17

My search continually brings us back to vitamin B-17 and what we are not consuming to really give us a balanced diet. I find that more and more we are growing seedless fruits and vegetables, the further we get from the source vitamin B-17. This form of Laetrile is almost impossible to introduce to the average diets of our current population.
Vitamin B-17 is found in various plants and seeds. The evolutionary discourse can be corrected to stabilize environmental change. Vitamin B-17 has a genetic makeup of natural balance of glycemic necessities needed to ward off undesired cell introduced to all mammals.

Buy Vitamin B17Vitamin B17 Seeds

Laetrile is a glycoside found in seeds (Prunus dulcis) an enzyme ( vitamin B-17)that contains free cyanide and benzaldehyde. Also classified as cyanogenic glycoside has been thought to have anti-cancer properties. This production of vitamin B-17 can be found in bitter almond, apricot pits, cherry, apples, plums and various roots, It can be found in sorghum or wheat mullet.

It is sold as vitamin B-17 although not classified as a vitamin. In a semi synthetic state of laetrile was consumed in a normal mammal diet until it was found to have toxic effects in large quanties, but in normal amounts and in portions consumed was effective to warrant off unnatural cells that can cause ill or fatal effects of pandemic proportions.
In normal states, the body would automatically shun such bad cells but as it is introduced to in the beginning stages of production. It is first introduced apon conception to clear and make room for the embryo. So as it’s not foreign to its surroundings and therefore, is allowed to develop in undesirable and unnatural effects on the system in forms such as cancer. This causing an otherwise perfect balance that would usually be able to defend itself as your immune system prepares and defends against unnatural viruses.

Buy Vitamin B17

So as we need iron for the blood and vitamin D for your bones we need to put back a missing a valuable source to protect the high function we know as rejuvenation of the always developing and changing cell for health and high function. It’s need for a repair in exposure to harmful and unwanted origins that we come into contact with every day. We know that cancer is a severe and very fatal bacterium. Without a defense to fight and allow healing of rejuvenating cells danger is always a threat to life and sustaining health for quality and quantity. We are going to great lengths to make actual vitamin B17 available to the American public.

Animals And Cancer

I was researching animals and cancer and I found a site on
why do dogs eat grass. Well I was reading it and figuring it would be
informative and something I could use for my post and it said that Dogs eat
grass because they eat herbivores (Plant-eating animals). Can they smell the
grass in the cow?  But then I saw that it
was written by an expert.  A  Veterinary Service and then it said there
maybe several reasons for this behavior. Oh my!! So I’ll keep looking.

Cyanide Glucoside

Grass fed animals are healthier for humans and our pets.
Grass fed meat is leaner and produces more meat. It’s high in omega 3 and 6 and
is four times the vitamins than grain fed.  Cyanide glucoside is found in around 1,500
species of plants. When consumed it blocks oxygen to cells thus suffocating the
weaker cells. Cancer is also a cell and in small amounts cyanic glucoside can
be effective in fighting some diseases. I believe it is instinctive for our
dogs and cat to eat small amounts of grass and plants with cyanide sugars.

Animals and Diets

Cyanide is also common in food that we cook in our kitchens
every day.  It’s in lima beans, green
beans, and tapioca. The cyanide is destroyed by cooking or soaking (cold
pasteurization). Dogs and cats have diets that are proteins and meal. Guidelines
made by the AAFCO don’t take in the fact that 100’s of years ago dogs and cats
were hunters and grazers.
Man-made diets for our animals aren’t very close to the raw diets of the wild. When I offer my
dog a store bought almond he shows no interest, but when he’s offered a bitter
almond he’ll eat it. As a matter of fact I left a seed from a peach on the
coffee table and he ate it. Let me say that he is usually well behaved and
never had the reputation of being a thief.

I once got the pleasure of meeting Dr Jane Goodall with her
charm, compassion and extensive knowledge of chimps and apes she can hold the
attention of any audience. Dr Goodall told a story of hungry chimps being
transported to a new zoo and when given fruit they peeled away the flesh and
ate the seeds. The behavior of wild animals should teach us all that they know
instinctively what they need to survive.
I have a neighbor with an indoor cat that has diabetes and they love her but now have to give her
shots every day. How in the world does a cat become a diabetic?  We know that indoor pet’s only get the
nourishment man provides. Are we leaving out important ingredients?

Mother Nature for a list of plants.
I conclude with hundreds have been spent to extract things that should not have been eaten by our pets. For the
most part all dogs and cats eat grass (prunus cerosus) when it’s available. I
know we have to protect them from harm and try to do what’s right by our
beloved four legged loved ones. If all of them do it and have for so many years
without suffering unspeakable consequences, then don’t mess with Mother Nature.
If you ever saw the pain and discomfort of cancer and diseases in your pet you
know how heart breaking it is.

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

Like a well thought out mystery novel, I can enjoy a good conspiracy theory as the next guy. Something I usually roll my eyes at. “Conspiracy !! Well some people just get carried away”. That’s the new category I’m putting myself in (carried away) or more like blown away. At the risk of going down in history as some body’s loony Grandma or the crazy old Aunt. This conspiracy theory has my adrenalin pumping equal to a plane crash. When  I dove into this conspiracy theory it was because I needed a new post.  We were watching the local news tonight and they said there is a link to coffee and survival of prostate cancer. So I said this is a sign I’ll check out coffee. Coffee is a bean and it’s like a seed, What the genetic compound of coca beans?

Conspiracy Theory That Needs A Second Look

After passing up the Elvis/sightings.coms and the chicken Little’s I went straight to the agricultural and .org sites. By the way if you ever boerd, look up some of those other sites there quite interesting. Even (wikipedia) has to be taken with a grain of salt on some issues. Anyone can write a post and I’ve seen my share of crazies out there. So I assure you I’m doing all this so you won’t have to. But mostly to bring awareness and to try to preserve our rights.  This is also very therapeutic helps me to deal with my own issue.

Can Glycoside save Lives

After about two hours I was cleaning my glasses and shaking my head. Do I have a fever?  I started  saying is it that easy? This can’t be right! Is everybody else sleeping? Now I don’t protest to be a scholar, but anyone that know me knows my common sense holds up pretty well. So I find (GLYCOSIDES)  Are you kidding me. That’s a compound in cyanide and it’s a nitrilside.  They use the wet process to remove the posion for human consumption. Conspiracy Theory is right on, This has it all the makings of a huge conspiracy. Go and  look for yourself you’ll see that you can buy it but it’s been depoisoned for you. Isn’t that so nice that we live in America and we are protected from ourselves.

With this conspiracy theory I found that there was a Mormon culture that band Tea and Coffee. Mormons started having alot of cases of heart disease. With that information we found our nitrates for drugs in heart disease from the coca bean. Well I think I can figure out how it’s a prevention for prostate cancer. I hope I gave you something to ponder . Because now every time I start to doubt myself I just need to think Conspiracy Theory. In the past cures for illness have been exposed and solved. Maybe in our life time we will see the end of cancer.

<h4> Conspiracy Or  Just Theory</h4>Our ancestors saw the end of pellagra and scurvy so many diseases have been abolished. We have found a vaccine for small pox, polio and tuberculosis. Our science today says we have a vaccine for Human Papillomavirus, I think if that’s so we can have a cancer antivirus. Maybe they are testing the water to see how much will be lost and financially gained.
I don’t jump on the bandwagon for all antiviruses. If there are twenty different strains of the flu do they go ini minny mo on the five of them they are going to give me? At least I haven’t herd of a mandatory flu shot yet and I hope I never do. That would be another huge conspiracy theory.

Right’s To Your Health

Rights or Rants

I resently was told that this is a rant. Well if I can reach just a few that will also
reach a few. Then I guess that is worth my time. At first my pride was hurt. Then I thought it’s my right to rant.


Passed Wars

I figure that most whisle blowers get the same treatment. And what do I stand to loose?
The Nixon effect has long haunted the U.S. In 1971 President Nixon
proclaimed that we no longer needed to back up the monetary value of money with
gold. During the Vietnam era, we were allowed to print money as we needed it.
As the money tree never grew, the hunger and greed couldn’t be satisfied.
Because we were told that Vietnam  was a police action. Our troops, including my
Father were met with hate and hostility.


We are supposed to learn through history! But look at Hitler and
now even in this day,  India performing genocide.


What rights are important to you

What troubles me the most is right here in our own nation, We
allowed our government to take us into war for (WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION). And,
Michael Taylor
can continue to ruin our crops our food our health.


But we choose to occupy Wall Street for the 1%. We’ll fight for
money we ourselves didn’t earn.  But not fight for non GMO food we
feed our children. The way I see it we won’t need any money when we are all dyeing from the toxins in out food and water supply.


A free society

A free society isn’t free at all. We tax death and life and
health! We are taxed to work and to eat. Oh hell we are taxed to use the bathroom.
But somehow we are thought to live in a free society! What’s free? I can’t even
be sick without my government dictating what my care will be. If I will accept
their poisons and radiation they will pay for it. No really! And I could get
the social security that I earned and free care.

Be picky what you eat and take
But if you have half a brain and see what that inhumane treatment
consists of, you would opt out too. At least do the reaserch and ask questions.


I beg of my friends and family to at least go to a cancer ward or
ask a Hospice Nurse to tell you what they see and what they would chose. I’m
not busy dying I’m busy doing all I can to beat this. So, I can get back to the
fun that we all call a good life.

FDA on Food

When you see FDA on food it’s got to be safe to eat, FDA means they follow guidelines to insure what we are getting is safe and reliable. Could the foods we eat make us sick? I explore this with an open mind and get a heavy heart most of the time. We are so lucky to have farmers markets available everyday to bring us foods that won’t kill us and make us sick. The new trend isn’t soon enough for a lot of people that have already subcome to illness. Educating ourselves about what we are actually consuming and whats a good alternative right in your own community. It’s simply has never been more imperative to get the facts. Everyday that I can find just one more detail about whats wrong with our diets and what can do to help, is a day well done. Don’t count on your FDA and Government to make your dietary decisions for you.

FDA Approved

Our ability to produce foods that have a longer life expectancy than my dog gives me pause. But if you check the sale ads and coupons the largest amount of them are sodas and junk food. I think our average shopper knows that and yet these products fly off the shelves. We are attacking fast foods without looking in our own cabinets and lunch boxes. When I see the extreme couponers I just want to see their pantry and refrigerators.
I would love to see broccoli coupons and not hot dogs. How about buy 10.00 worth of produce and get 2.00 off. I see buy 10.00 worth of store brands and cleaning products coupons all the time. So instead of targeting the right to choose lets target the company’s and say for every unhealthy coupon we would like to see 2 healthy ones.
My new favorite pet peeve is the states that outlawed bag lunches to serve our children food that was processed so many time’s it’s squeezed through a tube and just add fluoride tainted water to recreate, reconstituted foods that may or may never have been at least 50% of what it looks like now. I hope our Children and Grandchildren have the right to make a PB & J on WW bread with their homemade snack choices of the day.
I love that Micheal Pollan says eat all the junk food you want as long as you make it yourself.
I took a very seasoned and bright Great Great Grandmother shopping one day and it was such an eye opener for me. Not only was she amazed at all the new fruits and vegetables but she just couldn’t get the almost butter it was hysterical she couldn’t understand just why not buy butter? I tried to explain packaged meat that doesnt require a can or refridgeration. Did’nt do very well because I don’t really understand it myself.

Round-Up Ready is FDA Approved

So this got me looking into low fat and no fat foods and found plastic. Is plastic a food group now? What benefit do we get from plastic? Food is going up and packages are getting smaller and we pay more for company’s to prepackage for 100 calories because I guess we were never taught portions. And Teachers can only teach for higher test scores and to more schooling preparations. Maybe collage will help prepare our children for practical everyday life.
But my main reason for this post is because I recently found out that a small percentage of my friends ever even knew about Food Inc. A bold truthful documentary about our food production in Americia. No it’s not produced by Pitta and it’s not an animated run off for Cars Inc. It’s a no holds bard truth about our Round Up Ready produced food and Grazing livestock being fed these grains. It’s my plea to get everyone to support free speech and your local farmers market that goes against the grains everyday to bring us food that won’t kill us and make us sick. Please watch the free movie Food Inc on this site, It’s a must see!

We are currantly working on bringing the documentary Food Inc to this site. It is the biggest eye opener and Michael Pollan is a crusader in the food revolution.

Proof of B17 Leatrile

Proof !! These are my results from February 2/20 11 to 6 months later with B17 Laetrile  on August/1 /2011 .  I don’t ruin my healthy cells as Chemo or Radiation would have done. Besides consuming B17 I have been very careful of my diet. So as I am fairing better than other cancer victims, I have also found that I have become allergic to store bought meat. About an hour after eating I begin to itch all over and non stop until I can rid it from my system.  Nothing will suppress this and there won’t be any rest for at least a day sometimes longer. I’m not sure if it is the hormones, anti-biotics or the grain in livestock feed. I just know for now I can’t consume it.


Proof of B17

The Non-Hodgkin itch is a different matter if I discontinue my B17 Laetrile for even a day I will start to break out with very painful lesions in an isolated area. Looking and feeling like cigarette burns. Once the pain goes away I battle risk of infection and scaring. So there are my actual blood test results and I will get another next February. I’ll keep you posted and continue my B17 if I can cut these numbers in half again I guess I really did do it. My diet is forever change and I will never stop consuming foods rich in B17.

Proof six months later

Cancer Research

Cancer Research

I was looking for a post idea so I thought I would see whats new in Cancer Research these days. I type in 2011 Cancer Research and found Canada, Britain and France. So I refine my search and Type US Cancer Research 2011. Nothing just asking for contributions and awards ceremony’s try it. I yet again refine my search to Lymphoma Cancer Research 2011. since 2005. Lots of awards and pats on the back. Dinners and meetings, many links to donate your money to.

What about the victims

In a time of over barring big spending government, It’s looking like over barring big spending charities as well. Where is the money going? And who is profiting from these funds. What is to become of all the cancer victims it was created to help? I just can’t sit and be quite anymore. I will explode if I do nothing!!  Can we imagine going to work everyday and getting that ” at a boys” all the time when deep in your heart you know it’s a farce? This entitlement is out of control and It needs to be exposed.

Starvations Legal

We need whistle-blowers and we need Kevorkian’s of this world. It’s unacceptable to allow people the same dignities for our dying as we do for animals. So are you aware that the currant practice of assisting terminally ill patients is starvation?  Just ask anyone that has lost a loved one in the past five years, if your lucky enough to not be one. If you can’t be fixed and there is no quality of life just withhold nourishment and they will surly shut down and die.  Isn’t it  still illegal and inhumane treatment if you did this at home on your own. You and insurance company’s will pay for the heath care providers to do it for you. NOW THATS ACEPTABLE!!

With the powerful politics and so much money at stake,  it is no wonder why it is against the law to obtain your own cure for cancer. I’ve been doing my own Cancer research for a little more that 17 months.  I have but only one financial contributor and he can not deduct it from his taxes. The real heroes to me are the Kevorkian’s and the film makers and reporters that stick there necks out to bring us the truths. If we all bury our heads in the sand then it would be in vain. Thank God they are getting the attention of a small minority but growing at a snails pace.

B17 Laetrile can be obtained in a natural source but without outside suppliers of the pits from seeds, It is difficult to maintain. I ask my friends, family, and neighbors to save the pits for me and I am very grateful for their contributions.  I caution to be informed and use every source of knowledge you can find. I know that I am doing the right thing for me and hopefully I will reach at least a few that would have no chance otherwise. Poison is to be taken very seriously and it’s not a recreational drug. You will not get high and you will have your good days and bad. B17 will prolong my life and I’m confidant that one day it will get th

I control the poison

You are probably here because you have some sort of cancer. It doesn’t matter how small or where it is! It’s cancer! So when you get tired of the shrugs and the treatments you will end up here! First of all! All illnesses are a pain in the ass. Not just for you but the person you are putting through it. Even if you have someone to help, you still feel your using them up after a while and how long will they take it!

Be strong because if I can do it so can you! I had my worst attack yet just this week. I was ready to jump off the tallest bridge. It lasted nine hours and I felt like death would be such a blessing. But my very better half finely woke and had a cup of coffee and went to the store and bought 12 apricots I got busy ate all 12 almonds and started feeling relief within a couple of hours. I LOVE HIM!!

System Relief

All cancers are not alike but your pain can be relieved the same way! I personally can’t take schedule 3 drugs meaning your usual pain relievers such as codeine, morphine, or even aspirin. I can take ibuprofen and benzodiazepines to help but unfortunately when Doctors find out  your dosing with B17 Laetrile they let you go. This like all medicine has it’s risks. I have very thin blood for the first time in my life and I bruise without cause sometimes. But my discomfort level is tolerable. And I control the poison.

I have experienced several different cancers, in my profession and before now I would have told you bone cancer was the worst. Now and I’m sure that this is happening to me Lymphoma is the worst ever.  I think the worst for people are on there own scale. It could range from a car accident to a death. Each individual should be acknowledged as this is their worst. I just don’t see how you can measure something for someone else. But I’m sure that it can get a whole  lot better. If I just keep my head and continue my treatment I could beat this.

Safe Doseing

I’m still a guinea pig and don’t think that the post that advocates 30 and 50 seeds a day are really eating the real thing. I think I wouldn’t last a week on that amount. Each apricot seed is 350 mg at 12 I feel that’s the most I can take in a 24 hour period. I am hoping that eventually I will maintain on less and maybe even be able to take a vacation from them! So If your here you need answers and these post I hope are going to give you some. Both video’s are very informative and give a reasonable account of how it got this way. Stay strong try to be positive and and you’ll be surprised at how supportive people can be. If you can get a network of seed surplus ask them to keep them in the freezer they will keep longer. Good Luck and stay tuned.

Is Raw the answer?

Is Raw the Answer

Danger lurks in our produce so Is Raw the answer? Our food our drugs and even our skin products. What is the best way to guard against these poisons. Not everything comes with a clearcross bones and warnings.  But somethings really do and do we pay attention to them? Like wax on food that can’t be good. We see artificial all the time and what to eat and what not to. But they are very careful not to rock the boat. Using carefully chosen words that won’t offend our FDA or get on the watch dog list.
You would not believe how many people see drug advertisements and ask for them not even knowing what they do. Just by the commercial seeing somebody happy or pain free and not even listening to all the side affects. Would you take a drug that could cause liver damage kidney failure and cancer and stroke? Of coarse not but we do it everyday. I have worked long enough in the Health care system to have witnessed just that. I have seen first hand how people will do everything thier Doctor tells them. After all they have a medical degree and I just have a medications degree.

Chocolate Vs. White Milk

So since it’s scary to take a cyanide, keep in mind that you could be taking DDT and Crude Oil in your meds. At least I know what I am taking is not corrupted by a lab and snuck in my pill that’s suppose to make me happy! If we don’t control what we put in our bodies,
I went into this to see if chocolate milk verse white and I find sugar and sodium, fat, cholesterol in both. For years our FDA has outlawed the sale of cows milk saying it has too many bacterias. We are drinking hormones and antibiotics along with all else in our dairy. I understand mass production and the need to feed so many as cheaply as we do! I really get that but what I don’t get is all the cover up. They decide and make the consumer think they are eating healthy! I remember when my Son came back from a 3rd world country and nearly teared up in the produce department. It’s really deceitful looks so fresh and all the colors seem so.
Just the process of ripening fruit and vegetables would make you crazy. I thought all this time that really washing produce with soap and water lots of rinsing would protect my family from the gases. Now I see that the peel isn’t so healthy after all. Peel it and hope you can get more nutrients than poisons. Read labels and be diligent but please educate yourself. So in order to give us this beautiful variety, It comes with the price of gassing our produce to get it ripe when needed to go into our markets. I will continue to take my natural b17 and I am seeing alot of progress. I still have some bad days but more good all the time. We still don’t have the ability to bring you Laetrile B17 but with a continued following maybe we aren’t so far away. Peace Stay healthy and be your own watch dog! It’s your right!