Laetrile Deaths

Documented Laetrile Deaths, that stuff will kill you! After hearing so many conflicting stories about people taking laetrile and /or vitamin b17 as a cure for cancer, I just knew I would be able to find laetrile deaths online if I just looked around enough. Lo and behold, I was able to find a wealth of knowledge about this highly dangerous vitamin, its better known counterpart laetrile and the deaths is has caused!

In my ongoing search for the truth about laetrile deaths I stumbled on the better know killer, cyanide and I discovered that it is found in laetrile in very small amounts, but its still a poison right? It will cause certain death. After hours and hours of research, I couldn’t find any reported Laetrile Deaths I did find plenty of cases where people were jailed for using laetrile as a treatment for cancer, diabetes and other disease afflicting people today. 1 in 4 will get cancer making this a highly sought out topic. And the most profitable disease in the world of medicine today.

Documented Laetrile Deaths in America

Moderation in moderation including moderation itself. So I find as you wouldn’t consume a bushel of apples in a sitting then its only common sense to not eat 100’s of apple seeds at once either. Actually finding laetrile deaths didn’t come out but I find Death by Doctors, A World Without Cancer even a Mother sent to prison! Not for harming her Son but saving him from certain death with laetrile.

So as I haven’t found any laetrile deaths I have found that breaking down the natural compound of laetrile isolating only the cyanide portion of this natural substance causing an otherwise safe and natural food source to become unsafe and a deadly substance that nature in itself was never intended. The only laetrile deaths I could find were now caused by laetrile or vitamin b17 at ALL! Instead, a man-made gas or man-made cyanide in heavy concentrations’. Arsenic is use as a blood thinner and saves lives every day but like many poisons higher doses would warrant unwanted and dangerous affects. Botox widely used now more than ever derived from botulism. Did we always consider these as safe medical practice?

Actual Reported Laetrile Deaths

So how do you create a laetrile deaths? Well you would have to break it down from its natural form or take large amounts. In its natural form it’s a productive and necessary source. As it is grown in nature and its intended use should be of a natural nature and consumed as it was in the diets of our ancestors.

My Son bought this site as an informative tool to best understand a balance that has been interrupted from the mass production of food and I feel also with the intention to provide the financial Moderately being added to an everyday and routine food supply. gain that cancer treatment has to our medical facilities providers, and institutions. If laetrile is the cause of death then how did we consume it in our diets of both human and animal all those decades ago? Our medical profession would not profit to this degree with a cure but treatment is an ongoing and most profitable field for our medical field today.

In my search I find that a lack of laetrile deaths has only convinced me all the more on the conspiracy theory to maintain this as medical quackery. For the sake of prosperity and not for health of the human race but for the wealth that this illness brings to our culture we have gotten so use to today in our society. Could the cure for cancer bankrupt an already financially devastated era? I personally will continue to seek out laetrile deaths and in the meantime I will consume it in a form of natural substance that Mother Nature so dutifully provided for us.

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